In His Hands (Chanan  TO-007)  1979


Carpenter's Tools, The - In His Hands


Washington, DC is the home base for this male/female trio of Patrick Callahan, Kim Thomas, and Jim Thomas.  They made a good move in connecting with Pat Terry Group members Randy Bugg and Sonny Lallerstedt for the production of this fine custom recording.  Into His Hands has a gratifying electric Jesus folkrock sound, not too heavy, not too light, with 12-string guitar, piano, flute, and the occasional wholesome down-South rural touch you expect with the Twelve Oaks studio.  Callahan’s solo electric guitar is commendable throughout, as is Sonny’s biting twin lead on the brisk title track.  Kim and Jim wrote nine of the albums ten songs.  Nice homey woodcut cover.  Don’t confuse with several albums by a contemporary gospel youth group of the same name.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Carpenter's Tools - (Bck)




01. In His Hands

02. I Will Give Thanks

03. The Lord Is The Strength

04. Gently

05. Believe

06. Break Through

07. Lord I Want To Grow

08. Movin’ On

09. Name Song

10. Take My Life