The Mass For Peace (Avant Garde AVS-116)  1969



Writing these descriptions can sometimes be a drain on the brain. I mean there’s only so many ways you can describe the gazillion ‘70s folk-rock groups that are out there no matter how good they are. I find myself longing for something unique, something coming from a totally different angle. Leave it to the aptly-named Avant Garde label to introduce the fresh sounds of this Italian group to my weary ears. Originally released in Italy in the native tongue, it was re-recorded in English for the American market. Call it fun, bouncy, ‘60s electric pop/psych – the kind of grooves you can imagine Patty Duke or Gidget dancing to. ‘Gradual’ sounds like perfect music for a Batman chase scene. All right, don’t wanna sound sacrilegious here – the lyrics are all very worshipful, sung with conviction (and strong Italian accents). High degree of electric twang plus psychy organ, fuzz guitar (some quite loud), harpsichord, and tasteful use of pop horns and strings. A few ballads tossed in; don’t worry – they comprise some of the best songs. Took a few listens to catch on – now I’m completely hooked. Is that George Bush doing the narration on the opening song? See also La Messa Dei Giovani.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on Heavenly Grooves blog.  Thank you George for the front and rear photos.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Introit (I'll Give You Peace)2:40
1-2Gloria (Glory To The Lord)3:16
1-3Gradual (With Voices Of Joy)2:25
1-4Creed (I Believe)3:00
1-5Offertory (Father, I Offer You My Life)2:51
2-1Holy (Holy, Holy, Holy)2:40
2-2Our Father (Who Are In Heaven)2:39
2-3Angus Dei (Lamb Of God)3:11
2-4Communion (We Give Thanks To You Lord)3:02
2-5Don't Kill (In Mermory Of Martin Luther King)3:46