Cosmic Cowboy (Sparrow  SPR-1023)  1978



Certainly one of Barry’s more interesting albums, including some rather spacey lyrics, mostly written in conjunction with Mike Deasy.  One can’t help but wonder what the duo might have had for supper the night before writing that kitsschy title track where swirling strings, whispering female bgvs and little synth meteors bask in wispy conservative elevator powder-puff psych splendor.  ‘Flying Merry-Go-Round’ has a catchy funk/jazz groove nurtured by some cool instrumental jamming that includes fuzz and wah-wah guitar.  Elsewhere the ballads continue with the hyper-mellow-strings trend, but stuff like ‘The Presence’ and ‘Face To Face’ rock pretty solid, as does ‘Good News Shoes’ (“kick the devil in his bad news blues”).  Includes assistance  from David Diggs (strings), Harlan Rogers (piano), Michael Omartian (snythesizer), Al Perkins (peddle steel) and a bunch of others.  Cosmic cover art as well – a painting of Barry in space with rays of light emanating from his chest (you can get a T-shirt of it for $5.00 via the order form on the inner sleeve.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



I think this one was one my old blog, and somehow missed the move. Barry’s online music store can be found here.  Barry’s online web site ca be found here, it contains his bio, pictures, a place to contact him, also Frequently Asked Questions and many other features.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Cosmic Cowboy4:40
1-2What Good Would It Do3:24
1-3The Presence2:54
1-5Flying Merry-Go-Round4:03
2-1Mystery Of Life3:08
2-2Good News Shoes2:23
2-3My King3:15
2-4You An’ Me2:40
2-5White Swan3:14
2-6Face To Face2:57