Seeds  (Myrrh  MST-6519)  1973



Gravelly-voiced folk singer of the ‘Eve Of Destruction’ protest anthem finds Jesus and quickly becomes one of the favorites of the early scene.  His two Myrrh studio albums represent hi8s best work.  On his first Christian release Seeds Barry hooked up with the 2nd Chapter Of Acts (who apply their trademark harmonies to the bgvs), keyboardist Michael Omartian, guitarist Mike Deasy, producer Buck Herring and many others.  The string and horn arrangements can be heavy in spots, but overall it’s a fun enthusiastic album brimming with new found joy and a desire to spread the message.’Peace’, ‘Enter In’, ‘Father’s Song’ and ‘Love Is’ are some of the better known songs here.  Includes titles written by Jim Patten (‘To Know Love’, ‘Last Daze Waltz’), Mike Deasy (the hard-rocking ‘David And Goliath’) and Anne Herring (‘Use The Crosswalk’), as well  a few of Barry’s own and collaborated songs.  Definitely has that early Myrrh Jesus rock sound, with Deasy’s guitar leads adding some spark.  The3 British Myrrh pressing comes in a gate-fold sleeve.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



Barry’s online music store can be found here.  Barry’s online web site can be found here, it contains his bio, pictures, a place to contact him, also Frequently Asked Questions and many other features.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1To Know Love3:13
1-2Last Daze Dance3:15
1-4Enter In5:30
1-5David & Goliath3:03
2-1Lear Jets – Fathers Son6:07
2-2Love Is4:00
2-3Railroad Man4:34
2-4Use The Cross Walk2:32
2-5Shauna’s Song4:04