Inside Out  (Sparrow  SPR-1o30)  1979




A live performance with rock band and soulful singers, recorded at the Sparrow/WorldVision Benefit Concert For Hungry Children, Los Angeles Sports Arena, July 6, 1979.  Includes live versions of ‘C’Mon Along’, ‘Communion Song’, ‘Cosmic Cowboy’ and ‘Plowman’.  Also several raps with the audience, including one that humorously compares “believing” and “knowing” to the art of marshmallows.  A couple of audience sing-alongs: ‘Bullfrogs And Butterflies’ and ‘Jesus Is Commin’ Back To Stay’ (a Verne Bullock song).  Even includes a poke at Playboy’s Hugh Hefner in the song ‘Baby Huey’!  Mike Deasy and Bili Thedford involved.  Nice companion piece to the To The Bride performance.  See also The Father’s Family Album and Anyone But Jesus.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1C’mon Along3:39
1-2Communion Song6:54
1-3Moment Of Truth (rap)1:49
1-5Bullfrogs And Butterflies4:55
2-1The Tablets Of Our Hearts (rap)3:11
2-2Baby Huey3:46
2-3Knowers and Believers (rap)4:57
2-4Jesus Is Coming Back To Stay3:28
2-5Cosmic Cowboy7:02