To The Bride  (Myrrh MSX-6548)  1975


McGuire, Barry & 2nd Chapter Acts - To The Bride


Collected from four different performances in 1975, this double lp live set faithfully captures the concert feel, but most importantly personalizes the artist by preserving the dialog between the tunes.  Barry especially emerges as a humorous storyteller and all-around lovable thirty something hairy Jesus freak. Both acts are backed by a band called David consisting of Herb Melton (bass), Jack Kelly (drums), Richard Souther (keyboards), Rick Azim (guitar) and Paul Offenbacher (also guitar).  2CA provides bgvs to Barry’s set (as they did on his first two studio lps), but they also get good side and a half to themselves, performing several tunes unavailable on their studio albums.  An enjoyable event.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Barry’s online music store can be found here.  Barry’s online web site ca be found here, it contains his bio, pictures, a place to contact him, also Frequently Asked Questions and many other features.


2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS albums, a fascinating history and store can be found on their web site.


Barry McGuire - To The (Inside Left)


Barry McGuire - To The (Inside RT)


Barry McGuire - To The (Bck)




Song #Song TitleTime
A2Come To Praise The Lord3:30
A3Little Bitty Dude* 3:23
A4He’s Coming Back4:52
A5Sad Song*2:36
A6Happy Road3:33
A7Acts Intro*2:23
B1Which Way’s the Light2:03
B2Love, Peace, Joy1:05
B4I Wonder1:55
B6Am I Seeing You2:15
B7Denomination Blues2:43
B8A Friend*0:18
B9Jimmy’s Song2:33
B10Snow White*1:36
B11Prince Song3:27
C1He Alone Is Worthy 0:46
C2Easter Song2:34
C3He Is Coming3:18
C4Anyone But Jesus4:10
C5The Only Way*1:53
C6Sing the Melody3:22
C7Shock Absorbers*1:55
C8Chosen Generation3:25
D1Jesus People2:33
D2I Walked a Mile4:26
D4Callin’ Me Home3:54
D5Each Other*0:13
D6Doesn’t That Bible Say4:25
D8Doesn’t That Bible Say (Reprise) 1:52
(*) Titles are spoken song introductions.
Side Two and the first 3 tracks of Side Three are performed by the 2nd Chapter of Acts. The majority of these songs do not appear on any of their other albums.