Other Worlds (Pyramid OW-2706) 1980 Canada *


Noteworthy Canadian melodic rock private press with occasional prog/classic-rock edges.  Great electric guitar work throughout, applying significant sting to tracks like ‘Taking A Chance’, ‘In Search Of A Friend’ and ‘There Was A Time’.  Several songs like ‘The Love Of God’, ‘King Of Everything’, ‘It’s Time’ and the title track seem to hover between “soft rock” and “rock”, mainly from the presence of electric piano which can sometimes have a mellowing effect.  Sounds a little like Gerry Rafferty on the smooth-flowing ‘Why Don’t You Let Him?’.  ‘With You’ is an excellent acoustic rock track that’s accompanied solely by guitar.  The arrangements are fairly lean, but the sound is bright and clear.  Has the feel of a male solo album, since there seems to be just one guy singing on each song.  Not much in the way of credits, but the author for all of the songs is listed as Michael Tacoma.  Smithville, Ontario private label.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. Taking A Chance

02. With You

03. Why Don’t You Let Him

04. The Love Of God

05. King Of Everything

06. In Search Of A Friend

07. There Was A Time

08. I Don’t Know What To Say

09. It’s Time

10. Other Worlds