The Still Small Voice (Herald AM1596) 1974?



Great underground psych-edged custom rock from male/female group of eight.  Garagy electric riffs with wah-wah loudly roughing things up on ‘Mark Of The Beast’ and the eight-minute opener ‘A Still Small Voice/A Future Time’.  The latter track also has some nice psychy organ, as does the trippy mysterious ‘The Night Has Come’.  Several songs target middle-ground plugged-in guitar/piano folkrock realms ala Wild Olive Branch Band, namely ‘Lord I’m Smiling In Your Love’, ‘All The Days Of Your Life’, ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Same Old Feeling’, all with good electric guitar presence.  A couple pleasant acoustic ballads: ‘I Must Tell Jesus’ and ‘Wherever He Leads I’ll Go’, the latter with a spoken personal challenge to accept Christ.  Crude b&w pen/ink cover drawing of a pair of hands reaching out toward three crosses on a hill.  Creepy contorted photo of two faces on the back.  Doesn’t say where they’re from, but mentions the album was recorded in Phoenix, Arizona.  No relation to the better known Herald label out of South Carolina.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


This one was on the Heavenly Grooves blog.



01. A Still Small Voice

02. Lord I’m Smiling In Your Love

03. All The Days Of Your Life

04. The Night Has Come

05. Rainbow

06. I Must Tell Jesus

07. Mark Of The Beast

08. Same Old Feeling

09. Wherever He Leads I’ll Go