How The West Was One  (Myrrh  MSY-6598)  1977


How The West Was One


Essential three-record concert featuring two of Jesus music’s best.  As with 2nd Chapter’s live To The Bride collaboration with Barry McGuire, musical backing provided by “a band called David”: Herb Melton (bass), Gene Gunnels (drums) and Richard Souther (keyboards).  Intro bits and audience interaction are left intact to preserve the concert atmosphere. The Keaggy set is stellar: Three sides that reveal a true performer – one wonders what possible reason there could be for this being his only live project released to date.  Ever the improviser he provides subtly different angels on his songs’ studio versions, extending tracks like ‘Time’ and ‘Rejoice’ out to 9:44  and 16:22 respectively.  The testimonial ‘My Life’ is unavailable on his studio lps.  The 2nd Chapter sides show the group at their peak, with Mr. Keaggy lending his lead guitar as he did on In The Volume Of The Book.  Several songs from that lp as well as With Footnotes appear here.  Two are from Annie Herring’s first solo lp and a couple appear nowhere else.  No excuse for not having this.  It’s a classic.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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2ND CHAPTER OF ACTS albums, a fascinating history and store can be found on their web site.



Song #Song TitleTime
A1Concert Intro2:26
A2Hey, Watcha Say3:38
A3Song Intro0:34
A4Keep On Shinin'3:27
A5Song Intro1:08
A6I Fall in Love/Change4:43
A7Now That I Belong to You3:43
A8Phil’s Intro0:23
B1Song Intro0:42
B2What a Day5:56
B3Song Intro1:00
B4Love Broke Thru3:37
B5Song Intro0:27
B6Take Me Closer5:07
B7Song Intro0:23
B8My Life5:39
C1Song Intro0:07
C2Another Try5:25
C3Song Intro0:17
D1Song Intro0:03
D2Just the Same4:08
D3Song Intro 0:06
E1Song Intro1:10
E2Easter Song3:45
E3Song Intro1:02
E4Dance With You3:08
E5Which Way the Wind Blows4:44
E6Song Intro2:44
E7Something Tells Me3:52
F2Song Intro1:46
F3PS 612:32
F4Grinding Stone2:43
F6Song Intro0:30
F7Medley: Morning Comes When You Call and The Son Comes Over the Hill6:20