Mansion Builder  (Sparrow  SPR-1020) 1978




Although they left out hard rock and refined some of the rough edges, Mansion Builder ultimately emerges as another fine album from the threesome.  It doesn’t seem to have quite the innocence or energy of their earlier works, plus there’s a lot of string orchestration.  Still plenty of strong songs: ‘Rod And Staff’, ‘Gold In The Clouds’, ‘Well, Haven’t You Heard’, ‘Lightning Flash’ and ‘Starlight, Starbright’ to name a few.  Includes another Matthew solo in ‘Psalm 93’, again co-written with Richard Souther.  Also a cover of Melody Green’s ‘Make My Life A Prayer To You’.  Musicianship this time is provided by “a band called David”, the same guys that backed the trio on How The West Was One.  Omartian also returns on keyboards and brass/string arrangements.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Rod and Staff2:55
1-2Mansion Builder3:02
1-3Psalms 932:32
1-4Gold in the Clouds2:18
1-5I’ll Give my Life Away2:20
2-1Well, Haven’t You Heard3:50
2-2Lightning Flash2:45
2-3Starlight, Starbright (Nicolette Larson)2:00
2-4Make My Life A Prayer To You3:02



  • Gene Gunnels – drums
  • Peter York – guitar
  • Herb Melton – bass
  • Richard Souther – piano, keyboards, clavinet, organ, mini-moog
  • Annie Herring – piano
  • Bill Maxwell – drums
  • Abraham Laboriel – bass
  • Jay Graydon – guitar
  • Michael Omartian – arpvaak, piano, percussion