In The Volume Of The Book  (Myrrh  MSA-6542-LP)  1975


Second Chapter Of Acts - In The Volume Of The Book


From the classical string-backed ‘Start Every Day With A Smile’ to the hard-rocking ‘Yahweh’ to the graceful ‘The Grey Song’ to the dynamic ‘Last Day Of My Life’, 2nd Chapter delivers an even more impressive 5-star follow-up to their debut.  Michael Omartian and Michael Been return on keyboards and bass respectively, while Phil Keaggy joins the gang with his always-welcome skillful lead guitar work, growling away quite loudly on ‘Hey, Whatcha Say’ and  the aforementioned ‘Yahweh’.  Matthew’s voice in particular shows considerable development, and he gets a deserved solo opportunity in ‘Psalm 63’ (which he co-wrote with Richard Souther).  Effective use of brass on a few songs.  ‘Something Tells Me’, ‘Now That I Belong To You’, ‘Borrowed Time’, ‘Morning Comes When You Call’, ‘Keep On Shinin’, ‘Prince Song’ — every song on here is strong and has inspiring Christ-centered lyrics.  Simply put, this is Jesus music at its best.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Start Everyday With a Smile0:54
1-3Something Tells Me3:29
1-4The Grey Song1:56
1-5Now That I Belong to You4:04
1-6Psalms 631:51
1-7Prince Song2:51
2-1Morning Comes When You Call 3:10
2-2Borrowed Time2:30
2-3Last Day of My Life3:08
2-4Hey, Whatcha’ Say3:20
2-5Keep on Shinin’3:13
2-6I Can’t Get Near You2:18