High Energy Rock (GDS  781136)  1978










This one’s about as gnarly as they get. ZZ Top move over cuz this thing is relentless fast hard-rockin’ butt-kickin’ Texas-style biker boogie jammin’ with nothing as gracious as a keyboard note to sully the tuneage. It’s raw. It’s loud. It’s three long-haired brothers Allan, Ronnie, and Terry Young playing lead, bass, and rhythm guitar respectively, rounded out by Kenny Mooney on drums, custom-recorded in their home on 4 track. The leads absolutely shred, sometimes with spacey pedal effects. Technically this isn’t “Jesus music”, though the spiritual angle is clearly evident. Lots of references to “the Spirit”, the afterlife, resisting the devil, love. ‘Just Setting My Soul Free’ states “my soul is indestructible along with the Spirit of Christ”. Lyrically simple and a bit obtuse and I doubt any Pulitzers will be given for lines like “gonna chase away this feeling, this feeling so sad, gonna chase away the sadness, change it to glad”, and titles like ‘Space Child’ will leave you scratchin’ your head. Certainly doesn’t fit into the norm, but hey that’s a plus. Deceptively benign sun-in-the-clouds cover and sunshiny yellow vinyl masking the fierce monster that lurks within. If Barnabas’ first lp was too sweet for ya, get a line on the Young Brothers. I can only wipe the sweat.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Young Bros - Hihg (Lbl)

Young Bros - Hihg (Bck)

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Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Come Alive3:16
1-4The Answer2:59
1-5Suffering Man2:57
2-1If It's Not One Thing It's Another2:39
2-2Bus Stop3:38
2-4Say You Know Love2:31
2-5Just Setting My Soul Free4:17
2-6Space Child2:51