I Used To Be A Man, Now I’m A Child (Superior  S-10328)  1978?
















Refreshing custom of dreamy electric soft rock melodies often carried by a summery jazz lilt and flowery flute accompaniment.  Also of note are the guitar work and the backing female vocals (courtesy of Joy Wolfe).  If I had to pull a comparison out of a hat I’d say he’s mildly  similar to Michael Kelly Blanchard.  Eight original songs including ‘Be Born Again’ clocking in at 6:47.  Title track inspired by Matthew 18:4 and Luke 18:17.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

I have seen 1 different cover with the title of the album in white block letters just above the bottom of the picture.     diakoneo






Sorry I have not found this album yet and do not have the song list.