Your Bright Tomorrow  (One Way/Rite  10001)  1971?


We Three - Your Bright Tomorrow


Another duo called We Three.  What are the odds?  Michigan college students Marv Robertson (bass) and Denny Hoag (guitar) have that ’60s adult-folk sound typically heard doing oldies like ‘Tom Dooley’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Today’ and ‘Turn Around’ (all preformed herein).  Spiritual numbers as well, like ‘Run Sinner Man’, ‘Victory In Jesus’, ‘I Searched The World’ and ‘Bright Tomarrow’.  Also a cover of Dust & Ashes’ ‘Doin’ Nothin’ For Hours’ (listed here as ‘Do’er Nothing’).  Okay, but nuthin’ new.  Back cover idenitifies the third member as the Holy Spirit.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Sorry I have not found this album yet, so no track lists.