Say!  (Truth  TS1006)  1975?



Amateur passions are aglow with this fun, spunky North Carolina folkrocking trio  The Truthsayers are Jeanie and Buster Fox along with Ray Mendenhall.  Buster provides some cool twangy lead guitar while Ray complements with additional guitar.  Cohorts fill out the sound presented in all its homemade Jesus music glory, with an occasional smidgen of down South gospel, as well as some melodic pop angles for that people charm. All songs written by The Truthsayers.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Truthsayers - Say (Bck)




I  have not located a copy of this one yet, thank you to Donald for the song list.


Side 1
1. Truthsayers Theme
2. Why (He Gave His Life For Them)
3. Jesus Help Me
4. It Takes More To Love
5. Everybody’s Talking
6. One Day

Side 2
1. I Ain’t Worried
2. Search, Seek, Find
3. What, Know Ye Not
4. Let’s Not Wait
5. Traveling On

All songs written by the Truthsayers and published by People Pleaser Music, BMI

Lead Guitar: Buster Foxx; Second Guitar: Ray Mendenhall; Piano, Harpsichord, Organ: Joe Southerland; Drums: Paul Collier; Lead Guitar & Bass: Don Dixon