Titus (Titus Records No #)  Unk Date



This one is not found in the Archivist. I don’t know if this is the same Ed Anderson on this album as the Ed Anderson on the solo I’ve Found A Friend album or Ed & Margaret Anderson of the Beacon Hill Boston & Psalm 91 albums or not. Titus appears to be from the Denver, Colorado area. Members also include Kevin Russell, Larry Bartz, Joe Cavasos, and Dave Wilmont. I have not heard this album so can’t be of much help, other than the above from the back cover.   No date or album # given unless it is on the album label.   diakoneo



Sorry I have not found this album but I did find the covers.



01. Titus 23

02. Give It All

03. Open Me Up

04. Won’t Be Long

05. Lonely Walk

06. Thank You Lord

07. Double Honor

08. Heavenly Father

09. Jailbird Joe

10. Offeratory