Tillsammans (Kompass LPN 7601)  1976  Sweden *





Recommended progressive folk and rock obscurity from six-person male/female Swedish outfit.  Vatten’s Tomas Ernvik appears on guitar and bass, plus he wrote one song, although there are no real similarities to Vatten’s straight-ahead blues rock.  Quite a bit of variety in the dynamics.  On the quieter end are simple acoustic expressions, classical flute and violin textures and mellow piano/guitar folk.  But they also occasionally delve into heavier sounds, including one fuzzed prog folk-rocker ala Caedmon and scattered hard-edged electric guitar solos.  At times they remind me of the Dutch band Oasis, probably because of the emphasis on female harmonies. All lyrics in Swedish.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Tillsammans (Bck)




Side 1

1. Gladje
2. Jag Tror Det Ar Dags
3. Alla Behover Karlek
4. Meditation
5. Kampsang
6. Jag Vill Leva Nara Dig
Side 2
1. Hela Mitt Liv
2. Kom Till Mig
3. Undran I Var Tid
4. Forlat
5. Vi Hoppas
6. Manniskor
7. Bon