Nur Eim Relikt?  (Lord 33519)  1978  Germany *






Theophiles - Nur (Fnt)






German male rock trio weighing in mostly on the light6er side, while occasionally setting off a few heavier sparks.  Piano is usually present, mixed in with the guitars, bass and drums.  ‘Viele Menschen’ and ‘Zwichen GesternUnd Morgen’ get some electric guitar action going, as do ‘Termin-Jagd’ and ‘Du Siehst Kinder’ where mild classic-rock edges can be found .  Often a folky acoucstic rock vibe, as on the title track, ‘Wo Liegt Das Ziel?’ and ‘Von Gott Geliebt’.  ‘Ich Will Leben’ is a ballad backed solely by acoustic guitar.  One song in English – a jamming cover of ‘I’ve Got Peace’ done in a medley with ‘Gospel Ship’.  Strings and synthesizer added to a couple songs.  Title means Only A Relic?  Followed by Theophonie (1980) and Kaum Zu Glauben (1983).      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Theophiles - Nur (Bck)







Sorry I have not found this album yet, thank you to Donald for finding the song list (see below for location).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Nur Ein Relikt?
1-2I've Got Peace / Gospelship
1-3Viele Menschen
1-6Trennung Von Gott (Ich Will Dem Hernn Dienen)
2-1Zwischen Gestern Und Morgen
2-2Wo Liegt Das Ziel?
2-3Ich Will Leben
2-4Du Siehst Kinder
2-5Gedanken Zur Tagesschau
2-6Von Gott Geliebt




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