I’ve Been Thinking (Sugar  SJR-781)  1978














Debut release for Russ and Dale (female) Kirkland and their long-running band September.  Their ’80s independent albums September First, Lines Are Falling, and Dreams And Lessons  would include samplings of new wave and hard rock, but in 1978 their sound was more in line with artist like Christopher Cross – i.e., light rock, pop and ballads.  Also some soft jazz moves ala Sonlight/Koinonia.  Good clean production and sound for a custom featuring lots of keyboards in the mix (Rhodes, piano,  moog and Arp).  Includes a couple Pat Terry ballads(‘I’ve Seen It Now’ and ‘All I Ever Need’) as well as Craig Hughes’ ‘Nursery Rhymes’ (which also appeared on Jim Gill’s Spectacles).  Later picked up by the New Born label (in a much artsier colorful cover) under the name Dale & Russ Kirkland, title One Way.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).








September - I've (Bck)





Sorry I have not found this album yet, thank you to Donald for locating the song list and rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Wrong Door3:54
1-2i’ve Seen It Now3:20
2-1I’ve Been Thinking3:25
2-3All I Ever Need3:09
2-4Nursery Rhymes2:31
2-5There Is Nothing Wrong2:29



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