Kurskorrektur (Lord 33529)  1980  Germany *



German duo’s set of nine songs in a folky keyboard-backed soft rock format.  Acoustic guitars are present and there are periodic electric guitar leads, but it all gets softened down by the electric piano, piano and Arp synthesizer.  If you’ve ever wondered how Randy Stonehill’s ‘King Of Hearts’ would sound like in German, your opportunity has arrived (the song is herein titled ‘Vermit’).  All lyrics in German.  That’s Rolf Fischer and Hemry Düver.  Cute cartoon cover of the twosome puttering around in a small single-propeller plane.  Title means Course Correction.  Same label as the acclaimed Eden lps.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Sorry I have not located this album yet, but a special thank you to MR. Daad for the song list.



A1 Jetzt sing’ ich neue Lieder   4:25
A2 Der Tramper   3:47
A3 Bergwerkswald   2:50
A4 Alles erreicht – was nun?   3:12
A5 Noah   3:35
B1 O du fröhliche?   4:42
B2 Verirrt   4:10
B3 Gottes Angebot   4:26
B4 Zeigefinger   4:23