Renacimiento (no label  78109) 1978? Mexico *















Boy, those guys down in Mexico sure do love their fuzz guitar. Renacimiento (Spanish for “rebirth”) is mainly the work of Hector Manuel Martell and  the US-born Philip Joseph Watkinson, two guys letting the joy of Christ shine through ten original songs.  All sung in Spanish, with the periodic “Jesucristo” or “Dios” in there to reassure  those of us who “no habla Espanol” that it’s Christian.  This custom record has a happy melodic summery garage/psych sort of sound, very primitive , with bass, drums and organ, plus electric guitar solos on every cut, a majority being of the fuzz variety.  Some of those leads really rip, particularly on ‘Date Cuenta’ (‘Pay Attention’) and ‘Arriba La Juventud’ (‘Up With The Young People’).  The guitarist hits a couple of clunkers on ‘El Hijo Del Hombre’ (‘The Son Of Man’) – it almost sounds like his fingers got tangled up in the strings!  Some of the other titles: ‘Unidos Estamos’ (‘We Are United’), ‘La Balada Del Inconverso’ (‘The Ballad Of The Unconverted’), ‘Llanto’ (‘Lament’) and ‘Al Dios No  Conocido’ (‘To The Unknown God’).  As with all Mexican private presses, this is ludicrously rare – who knows how many other unknown goodies like it are floating around down there, waiting to be discovered.  Recorded in Tijuana.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).







Renacimiennto - (Bck)








Thank you Donald for finding the rear cover photo maybe not the best, but will do until someone finds a better one.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Unidos estamos
1-2El hijo del hombre
1-3Date cuenta
1-4Arriba la juventud
1-5La balada del inconverso
2-2Al dios no conocido
2-4Pocos anos tengo
2-5Sigue el ritmo