The Present Tense (Reflection  RL 301 S)  1968  UK *

 Reflection - The Present Tense

For the debut lp on this obscure Christian label, the group Reflection chose to interpret the songs of Sydney Carter, a man I had never heard of and who apparently was one of those against-the-grain types. Carter’s songs are described as “perhaps folk, religious, or protest” and range from titles like ‘When They Shouted Hosanna’, ‘Lord Of The Dance’ (probably his best known tune, based on the Shaker melody ‘Simple Gifts’), and ‘Judas And Mary’ to the more eccentric ‘I Wan’t To Have A Little Bomb Like You’ and ‘The Vicar Is A Beatnik’. The guys and girls take turns at lead vocals while the music moves from lyrical acoustic to plugged-in folkrock – it’s definitely a full-fledged British sound. From classical textures via cello, flute, and oboe, to a more raw Steeleye Span electric approach. Then there’s the delightfully snotty pub folk of ‘George Fox’ (founder of the Quakers) which boldly asks “If we give you a pistol will you fight for the Lord? No you can’t kill the devil with a gun or a sword!”. Then the chorus “with your old leather britches and your shaggy shaggy locks, you are pulling down the pillars of the world George Fox”. Lots of variety here, all excellently done and packaged in a curious mushroom cloud cover.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Reflection - Present (Bck)

 One in memory of Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. The Present Tense

02. Standing In The Rain

03. George Fox

04. When They Shouted Hosanna

05. Lord Of The Dance

06. Crow On The Cradle

07. Every Star Shall Sing A Carol

08. I Want To Have A Little Bomb Like You

09. Bird Of Heaven

10. Travel On

11. Judas And Mary

12. Friday Morning

13. Bitter Was The Night

14. The Vicar Is A Beatnik

15. The Mask I Wore