Nativity (Reflection  RL 304)  1971 UK *



Nativity’s songs thematically deal with the period of Christ’s birth. I suppose you could call it a “Christmas” lp: some old English folk carols (‘Child Of Our Time’), a Negro spiritual (‘Rise Up Shepherds’), a couple more Sydney Carter songs (‘Come, Love, Carolling’, ‘Two Thousand Years Away’), a few Peter Smith titles (‘Mary’s View’, ‘Away, Away’), the English traditional ‘The Truth From Above’ – hardly anything I recognized. More of an acoustic focus than their previous albums, alternating gentle material with feistier traditional folk. You’ll still catch some electric guitar here and there, ‘Shadow Of Calvary’ being of particular interest for its psychy wah-wah and organ. Strong Irish flavor and heavily rolled r’s on ‘Twas In The Toon Of Nazareth’. The haunting piano/organ ballad ‘Sing High With The Holly’ is especially moving with its beautiful female lead vocal. Sixteen selections in all. Foldout cover.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



One in remembrance of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, all glory and honour, and in memory of the blog Heavenly Grooves.


01. If Christ Were Born In Burnley

02. Come Love Carolling

03. ’twas In The Toon Of Nazareth

04. No Room For Heaven

05. Mary’s View

06. Child For The World

07. Incarnation

08. Shadow Of Calvary

09. Rise Up Shepherds

10. To Jesus On His Birthday

11. Child Of Our Time

12. Where Is He

13. Sing High With Holly

14. Away Away

15. Two Thousand Years Away

16. The Truth From Above