Munchy Manna, Spirit Flakes (Crosstalkin’  ACS 7683)  1983



Noteworthy custom-made record of offbeat humor-endowed rock and coluntry.  Good crunchy electric guitar roughing up rock-n-roll cuts like ‘I Don’t Need No Designer Jeans’ and ‘NonDemumbo-Jumbinational’.  More fine guitar work on ‘City Song’ which has kind of a jazz-rock edge.  Steel guitar accentuates the rural vibe on several songs, including the title track (which informs us that “the Lord ain’t out of groceries”).  Nice mandolin lead on ‘Covered By God’s Love’.  Randy on acoustic guitar and lead vocals, assisted by his band of seve3n musicians on piano, additional guitars, percussion, synthesizer, etc.  Home feel box of cereal  (“Fortified with Prayer”, “Eternal Preservatives Added”, “100% Supernatural!”, “14 Essential Songs”).  Munchy indeed.  From LaPorte, Indiana.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Cool front cover too.


Randy Weiss Munchy (Bck)



Sorry I have no found a copy of this album but thank you Donald for finding the track list.



01. I Don’t Need No Designer Jeans
02. The Nickel Song
03. 3 Times Down
04. Involvement
05. Nondemumbo-Jumbinational
06. Munchy Manna (Pharoahs Dead God’s People We Are Free And The Lord Ain’t Out Of Groceries)
07. Wander Over Yonder
08. 5 For A Dollar
09. Covered By God’s Love
10. Voices
11. City Song
12. My Boys
13. God & A Mother’s Love
14. Psalm 96 (Still Your Little Boy)