The Peacemakers (Cathedral  CRL 755) 1967?  UK *

Did I say The Crossbeats were the best Christian beat group? Well that was before The Peacemakers came my way. Actually I’d still give Crossbeats the edge but this foursome is a big contender in the style that was sweeping the UK long before anyone had heard boo of Larry Norman. One thing setting the Peacemakers above the rest are the endearing guitar solos. Some songs have a catchy Orbison-esque ‘Pretty Woman’ kind of rhythm. Others like ‘Why’ have an early Fab Four feel. Still others are reminiscent of the surf era (note all those Ventures-like whammy bar and tremolo effects). ‘Down From His Glory’ is essentially Elvis’ ‘It’s Now Or Never’ with different lyrics. Occasional dissonance and rugged guitar jangle suggest a garage band direction, but more often the sound is melodic ‘60s pop. Member Justyn Rees followed with at least two solo lps. See also 7” section.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Song #Song TitleTime
2-6Why Don’t You Stop And Turn Around3:44
1-2Does No One Care3:36
1-3Soon Came The Dawn2:27
1-5Psalm 83:03
2-2These Things Shall Pass3:02
2-4Down From His Glory3:24