Are You Ready? (M/M  MMS 475)  1970?



What is it with all these album covers showing happy people running through fields.  By this time the group had disposed of the ’60s folk format and evolved into a clean sunshiny folk/pop style, the arrangements expanded to include piano, electric guitar, electric bass, organ, drums and horns.  Similar to fellow Crusaders Armageddon Experience, with some of the same songs, including three from Michael Omartian (‘I’ve Got The Love’, ‘Jesus Made Me Higher’, ‘Lord!’).  ‘Carpenter Man’ is a fairly strong dynamic tune.  Just piano and one of the female singers on ‘High On The Love Of Jesus’, a song that’s also been covered by Marj Snyder.  Also includes covers of  ‘People Got To Be Free’ and ‘I Wish We’d All Be Ready’.   Omartian arranged and directed the music.  A quasi-digestable record overall, with periodic groovy now-sounds pop appeal.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




01. Put Your Hand in the Hand

02. What is a Man

03. I’ve Got the Love

04. Carpenter Man

05. Jesus Made Me Higher

06. People Got to be Free

07. High on the Love of Jesus

08. Lord!

09. The Way

10.I Wish We’d All Been Ready