What Kind of King (Trust 2)  1976



 My personal favorite from the Mighty Flyers catalog continues in the method of Under New Management while adding more depth and lyrical touches. ‘Eyes Like Jewels’ with its graceful violin melody and ‘Love Like An Ocean’ are among their most beautifully crafted songs. Many of the titles are sung from the perspective of New Testament characters: Simeon (‘Let Me Die An Easy Death’), the thief on the cross (the harmonica-accompanied ‘The Thief’s Song’), Joseph (‘Thinking Of Mary Tonight’ with its intriguing truck-driver analogy), Peter denying Christ (‘Four Score Years’), Jesus on the run from Herod in ‘Egypt (Save Me From The Mad Man’s Knife)’. A couple atypical tracks: the minor-key dirge ‘I Saw Heaven Open’ and the fun playful Grateful Dead-ish acoustic island-flavored guirro-backed ‘Celebrate The Feast/Salute The King’. Spectacular cover art featuring Albrecht Durer’s ‘The Adoration Of The Trinity’.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



One in remembrance of Heavenly Grooves blog.


01. Egypt

02. Thinking Of Mary Tonight

03. I Saw Heaven Open

04. Eyes Like Jewels

05. Love Like An Ocean

06. Let Me Die An Easy Death

07. The Thief’s Song

08. Four Score Years

09. Fair Weather Friends

10. Celebrate The Feast – Salute The King

11. I Looked Down