Carry On (Joyful Noise no #)  1980



After Opening with a genuinely classic disco rocker ‘Paid The Cost’ (complete with peppy horns, chunky rhythm guitar, thumping bass line and whatever you call that little ‘Ring My Bell’ percussive effect) these four Missouri men deliver some good crisp energetic pop-minded rock with a professional sound not unlike Petra’s Washes Whiter Than, especially acoustic tracks like ‘Living Water’, ‘Carry On’ and ‘Hosanna’.  Horns make one re-appearance on the funky ‘Work With  What You’ve Got’.  Nice use of synthesizer and some decent guitar work, especially the buzzing solo on the lively Pablo Cruise-ish ‘Because Of You’.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Liberty - Carry (Bck)



Sorry I have not found this album yet, but thank Donald for the song list.  diakoneo


Side 1
1. Paid The Cost
2. All Is Done
3. Miracle
4. Your Choice
5. Living Water

Side 2
1. Carry On
2. Work With What You’ve Got
3. First Love
4. Hosanna
5. Because Of You

Larry Mintz: Drums & Percussion; Mike Chard: Yamaha Electric Piano, Arp Odyssey, Honer String Machine; Jon Gillespie: Electric Guitar, Acoustic 7 Classical Guitars; Mark Watson: Bass, Acoustic Guiar;
Vocal Arrangements: M. Watson & J. Gillespie; Horn Arrangements: Tom Brooks & John hayes; Congas & Percussion: Bob Muriel
All songs written by Mark Watson / John Gillespie / Larry Mintz