Optimistic Man (GMI   1011)  1980  Holland *



Worthwhile Dutch rock effort with jazz-rock and funk influences.  Not too heavy, not too soft  –  just sort of right there in the middle, sometimes with a slight pop edge or progressive flourish.  No horns, although there’s one blatant easy jazz-pop  side trip with saxophone.  Electric guitar leads are well represented, while the rhythm guitar sometimes checks in with a funky ’70s riff.  Piano and electric piano supply the keyboard angle.  Both male and female lead vocals taking turns.  ‘Who Do You Love’, ‘The Train’, ‘He Took Me Higher’, ‘Fat City’, ‘Looking To The Place’, ‘He’s Waiting There’. ten original Songs in all.  The title ballad states “I’m an Optimistic man, in a dying age”. Trivia note: lead guitarist Len Van Kettenj served a term in the Dutch band Shocking Blue , of ‘Venus’ fame.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


L And C Band - Optimistic (Bck)



Sorry I have not located a copy of this one, but thank you to Donald for the song list.   diakoneo


Side 1
1. Who Do You Love
2. Looking To The Place
3. Fat City
4. He Took Me Higher
5. Optimistic man

Side 2
1. Easy To Fall
2. He’s Waiting There
3. Love Is More
4. The Train
5. Listening To The band

Vocals and All Guitars: Leo Van De Ketterij; Vocals: Cindy Van De Ketterij; Keyboards: Freek Berrier; Background Vocals/Vocals The Train: Henk Fey; Drums/Background Vocals: Louis Filius; Bass and Fretless Bass: Mary Hehuat
Guests: Tom Barlage – Saxophone Easy To Fall  Ad Oste – Bass Listening To The band/Looking To The Place