Nativity (Christ Is The Answer  LPS 200-38)  1975

A most endearing home-made Jesus rock lp with a sound reminiscent of Servant and UK’s The Sheep. This is the Illinois band, managed by Bill Lowry of Christ Is The Answer ministries. Member Joe Grier was previously part of the hard-rocking e band and he brings some of that heaviness into Nativity as well. As with The Sheep they use organ frequently, as well as alternate male and female lead vocals. They are mildly progressive in a “classic rock” way as heard on mid-rocking tracks like ‘Separated’ and ‘Love Is God’s Command’. A touch of blues/boogie on ‘Make A Choice’, hippie country on ‘Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me’. The melodic acoustic side of the group can be heard on the ballads ‘Lantern Of Life’ and ‘Help’ (the latter was also covered on The Mighty Flyers’ Low Flying Angels where it was titled ‘Toward The Light’). It all comes together on the magnificent closing ten-minute title track where they build to loud surging peaks of electric guitar and organ. David Eden (another e band graduate) did the lp artwork as well as co-write the title cut. Two different covers exist: one a light-brown composite of several drawings and photos, the other a b&w cover of just the nativity (front) and crucifixion (back) drawings. 1000 pressed.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


One in remembrance of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to Him all glory and honour, and in memory of the blog Heavenly Grooves.



Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Separated 7:26
1-2Love Is God's Command3:46
1-3Lantern Of Life 3:14
1-4Make A Choice 3:56
1-5Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me1:59
2-1Help 4:26
2-2Nativity 10:50