No Room in the Middle (Christ Is The Answer  LPS 834) 1976



Even rarer follow-up that expands upon the group’s organ-based classic rock style with superb results. The progressive angle surfaces again on the lengthy 7:42 track ‘Lay Down Your Life’ which boasts some great hard-edged lead guitar. David Eden contributes ‘Coloring Song’, later to be made famous on Petra’s Never Say Die album. Other selections include ‘That Which We Have Seen And Heard’, ‘Sacrifice Of Fools’, ‘4 Corners 4 Churches’, ‘Don’t Take Your Hands Off The Plow’, the title track, and a rendition of the hymn ‘There Is A Fountain’. Breathtaking fantasy cover art where an image of Christ on the cross divides a landscape, one side a colorful Eden-esque paradise, the other a drab barren desert with human skulls, a serpent, a tornado, a mushroom cloud and a darkened silhouette of a church. Only 200 pressed, half of which were handed out in Europe.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

 One in memory of Heavenly Grooves blog.


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1That Which We Have Seen and Heard 5:07
1-2Sacrifice of Fools 3:53
1-34 Corners 4 Churches 4:51
1-4Coloring Song 2:51
2-1There Is a Fountain 2:07
2-2No Room in the Middle 4:18
2-3 Lay Down Your Life 7:40
2-4Don't Take Your Hands Off the Plow 4:05