Make A Joyful Noise (Graded Press no #) 1969

Intended for 3 to 4th graders. Uses songs, poems, quotes and rhythmic songs to teach.

Thank you Brian for the song or track list,



Side 1
Band 1:  Psalms 100 – Make A Joyful Noise
Band 2:  Rhythmic Fugue- Books of the Book of Books
Band 3:  Service from the Scriptures

Side 2
Band 1:  Speak To Me, Wind
Band 2:  A Child’s View of Wind and Rain
Band 3:  Joy Is Like the Rain
Band 4:  Battles of the Bible-Adapted by Darryl F Patten and Mrs. Glenwood Dietz
Band 5:  the Daniel Jazz-By Vachel Lindsay