One Way (New Born NB 7013) 1979? Canada *



Canadian press of September’s custom debut I’ve Been Thinking (see entry there for full description).   This issue has a mucho mas cooler cover.       (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Dale & Russ - One (Bck)



Sorry I have not located a copy of this album but thank you Donalds for the song list.



1. Wrong Door
2. I’ve Seen It Now
3. Starmaker
4. Stump

Side 2
1. I’ve Been Thinking
2. Again
3. All I Ever Need
4. Nursery Rhymes
5. There Is Nothing Wrong

Credit goes to Discogs

Russ Kirkland – Rhodes, Piano, Moog and ARP synthesizers, percussion “I’ve Been Thinking”, Guitars  “Nursery Rhymes”
Dale Kirkland – Rhodes, Piano, ARP strings
Ken Stephenson – ARP Odyssey and strings “Wrong Door”, Moog synthesizer “Stump
John Hayes – Electric and acoustic guitars
Jim Bogdanor – Brass “There Is Nothing Wrong”
Charles Hayes – Sax “Starmaker”
(Roach) Darwin Seidel – Bass
(The Kid) Mike Norman – Drums