When I’m Dead And Gone (MGM  SE-4740)  1971?



Like Dick Monda’s Truth, Lies, Magic, And Faith,  Bob Summers’ record is another of those big label mainstream releases that has some Christian leanings.  Musically the guy skips from loud rocking pop to blues to mandolin hippie folk-rock, all enveloped with that distinctive sharp edgy commercial production of the day.  Pay attention cuz this one’s got a few great raucous heady electric guitar moves here and there. ‘Every Time I Feel The Spirit’, ‘Sweeter As The Days Go By’, ‘This World Is Not My Home’ and ‘Work For The Night Is Coming’ are some of the spiritually angled tunes.   Also unique transcriptions of ‘Lazy Bones’, ‘Blue Skies’ and the Gallagher And Lyle title track.  Could easily see this getting tagged as folk-psych-pop-rock or something, in a Brewer & Shipley or George Harrison kind of way.  Zero info on the cover as to who Bob is or who’s helping him out.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).



01. When I’m Dead And Gone

02. Every time I Feel The Spirit

03. Lazy Bones

04.  Hard Way To Go

05. Lucy Lu

06. Work For The Night Is Coming

07. Sweeter As The Days Roll By

08. Nobody’s Child

09. This World Is Not My Home

10. Blue Skies