Weder Arno Noch Andreas (Blue Rose  LP 20100)  1977  Germany *



A couple of hairy German guys (one semi-hairy, one mega-hairy) doing German versions of Jesus music standards.  Ever wonder what Gentle Faith’s ‘Noah’ would sound like in German? Or how about The Talbot Brothers’  ‘Comin’ Home To Jesus’, Larry Norman’s ‘The Outlaw’,  Barry  McGuire’s ‘Happy Road’ or Mike Deasy’s ‘Humpty Dumpty’?  They’re all here, along with several original or otherwise unfamiliar songs.  Well-produced sound with lots of assisting musicians, skipping around from rock to fiddle-backed county to jazzy disco to brassy pop-rock to acoustic folk.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Sorry I have not located this album yet, thank you Mr. Daad for the song list.


A1 Ein Gespräch mit Jesus   2:23
A2 Psalm 139   3:00
A3 Nehmt einander an   4:37
A4 Der Gammler   3:29
A5 Liebe ist (k)ein Problem   3:16
A6 Und fragte nach des Lebens Sinn   1:59
B1 Versagerblues   3:07
B2 Es ist ein guter Weg   2:21
B3 Schrei nach Hilfe   3:09
B4 Noah   2:01
B5 Eine Kneipe früh am Morgen   2:27
B6 Abendlied