Alison And Jill (Profile GMOR 103)  1973  UK *




Auto-harp, guitar, and soprano harmonies from twin British sisters (Alison & Jill Barff) interpreting  hymns in an old-time traditional folk style.  ‘When Jesus Comes’, ‘By Grace Alone’, ‘He Satisfies Me So’, ‘I Was Lost’, ‘His Sheep Am I’, nine more.  Proceeds to the Ruanda Mission.  One of the earliest releases on this highly collected label.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Allison & Jill (Bck)



Sorry I have not found this album yet, thank you Brian for the song list.


01. That’s What He Said
02. When Jesus Comes
03. He Satisfies Me So
04. He Humbled Himself
05. Calling
06. I was Lost
07. God’s Choir
08. By Grace Alone
09. Pentecost Day
10. If I Confess
11. The Way Of Peace
12. His Sheep Am I
13. My Resolution
14. Dreaming