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CROSSWALK     ( A Bit of History )

Terry Ross Altman





1 06:39 Anthem

2 05:27 Glory In This

3 01:31 Theopsychosophy Blues

4 06:12 Let God Arise

5 02:43 So Much Joy

6 06:05 Crosswalk

7 10:57 Under Your Hands (Play Me)


Vocals, piano, electric pianos (Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer), organs (Hammond B-3 and Yamaha YC-45), synthesizers (ARP 2600, ARP String Ensemble, Moog Mark II-C), Clavinet, acoustic guitars (Guild, Gibson, and Martin), twelve-string guitar (Ovation Glen Campbell Deluxe Balladeer), electric guitars (Gibson SG Standard and Les Paul) and miscellaneous percussion


Bass (Rickenbacker 4001)


Drums (Rodgers with Ludwig concert toms and Zildjian cymbals)


Alto harmonies; vocal solo and acoustic guitar on “Let God Arise”


Soprano harmonies; vocal solo on “Crosswalk”, wordless vocal solo on “Theophany” segment of “Under Your Hands”


Electric guitar solos on “Anthem”, “Let God Arise”, and “Crosswalk”


Alto and tenor saxophones on “Let God Arise” and “Under Your Hands”



All words and music by TERRY ROSS ALTMAN  ©1977 Spiritsword Music Inc

(All rights subsequently assigned to Terry R. Altman and reserved)

Production assistance by RICH RIEHL with GARY HEDDEN

Recorded by GARY HEDDEN with RICH RIEHL (May and June, 1976)

Mixed by GARY HEDDEN at HEDDEN WEST, Schaumburg, Illinois  (January, 1977)

Original photography by HENRY POSNER;   Original graphic design by DONA NANOS

Original vinyl LP release ©1977 Paraklete Records, Inc. (Assigned Terry R. Altman)

Compact Disc release ©2002  Terry R. Altman

Thanks to Henry, Bruce, Johnny, Susi, T. P., Lynne, George & Dona, Marian and all who have supported and prayed for me.

Special thanks to “Fast Eddie”, “Big John”, and “the girls”


On this, the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of “Crosswalk”  as an LP, I find myself in translating it to CD format rethinking the composition, arrangement, and recording of the album.  The years have given me perspective on this work I perhaps didn’t have as it was being made.

The songs tell, more or less in order, a bit of the story of my conversion to Christ.  “Anthem” sets the stage:  I was a rock’n’roller, a member of the Woodstock generation, self-absorbed but convinced of our moral superiority to our elders.  Ours was a generation that believed we were the first in history to really search for truth.  When I was confronted with the claims of Christ I found myself struggling—Christ embodied everything I thought I was seeking, and yet to follow Him would be such a departure from life as I knew it.   There was a period of time during which I was quite certain He was precisely who He claimed to be, but not yet willing to follow Him as Lord.  The song recounts the process and my ultimate decision.

The song is in two parts—the central part, recorded and mixed in a sort of dreamy way to capture the otherworldness of Christ’s claims, between a rock’n’roll “anthem” complete with a Les Paul guitar riff characteristic of the period but in an unusual seven-four time with an anticipated downbeat (to satisfy my progressive rock tastes).

Now a new Christian, what to do with rock’n’roll?  This was the early seventies—the only “Christian music scene” I knew of was traditional gospel which held no interest for me.  I set aside all my instruments and determined to never play again, if that’s what following Christ would mean.  Yet one morning while reading the Old Testament book of Jeremiah, “Glory In This” came to me by some presumably divine means, fully formed–words, music and arrangement, all the way down to the synthesized strings.  It was as though God spoke to me that music was a gift He had given me twice—once at birth, and now again to be used for Him.  This was the first of the music to be written.

A number of months later, as I sat on my bed, guitar in hand, thinking about the studies in philosophy, psychology and related subjects I had taken in college—and how completely they had failed in bringing me to a knowledge of God and meaning in life–again a fully formed song came to me.  “Theopsychosophy Blues” is I suppose a novelty number, yet it seemed to speak to people.  It is the only song on the original LP that ever (to my knowledge) gained substantial airplay on nascent Christian FM radio.

As I grew spiritually, I came to love the Psalms in how they spoke the hearts of everyday people as they lived with God and interacted with Him in the ups and downs of life.  “Let God Arise” sets one of  my favorite Psalms to music—first formally, then by invitation.  Once the body of the song finishes, the acoustic guitar introduces the “sing-along”;  the lyrics invite the hearer to “Sing unto God” in a simple, repeated fashion.  Each time the brief phrase is repeated, another voice or instrument is added to the chorus—a metaphor for what happens in the Christian life, which when lived to the full, is happily contagious—as each new believer starts “singing unto God”, another near him joins in.

In recording the song, though, we eventually started running out of available instruments to add in the studio. Having run through pianos, organs, all sorts of guitars, saxes, handclaps, percussion, different vocal parts etc., we had to get creative. That particular session ran late into the wee hours, and Gary Hedden and I were getting a little giddy from lack of sleep.  At one point when I put on my headphones for one more overdub the roar that came out of them was so comical I dissolved in laughter.  For the last couple overdubs, I figured out a pipe organ stop and at one point synthesized a wailing little penny whistle.   It turned into such a cacophony I have since wondered if that’s what the Book of Revelation means when it describes the praises of God’s people in heaven as being “like the sound of many waters”.

“So Much Joy” was written just for fun.  I have always loved the syncopated rhythms of reggae music and wanted somehow to incorporate them into my progressive rock vision of the world.  The second verse references a time when I had not yet become a Christian and heard a “Jesus rock” band for the first time.  When I spoke with one of the musicians to tell him how much I enjoyed their music, he smiled ethereally and with a twinkle in his eye simply said, “We have a lot of help”.  “When I saw the smile on his face I knew he was a new man deep inside…”

“Crosswalk” introduces a serious new topic.  Living the Christian life is not a hundred meter race, but a marathon.  While it provides joy, it has its own challenges.  Particularly it exposes the weaknesses of our own lives and characters.  We find ourselves disappointed in others and even more in ourselves, because we see how far short we fall.  We somehow expect to grow beyond needing moment by moment help from God and can become deeply discouraged when we inevitably fail.  Part of walking with God is learning to bring ourselves back to Him the same way we came at first—empty of ourselves and trusting in Him to be merciful, forgive us, and get us going back again on the right road.  This requires personal honesty before God, which is not as easy as it first seems.

“Under Your Hands (Play Me)” follows without a break from “Crosswalk”, in both musical and lyrical content.  The two pieces together form the core work I set out to record.  Having now realized that while in this world I will never become the spiritual superstar I vainly had sought to be, I recognize now that nonetheless, God’s purpose is to work out His own life in me in a way that He can use to bless others.  This is what we commonly refer to as “ministry”—it proceeds not from being spiritually superior to others but it recognizing more fully than others one’s own need of Christ and being willing to share that in humility.  It’s about Him, and not about me.

The song lyrically is a metaphor of myself as the “keyboard” under God’s hands.  My challenge is to place myself there and keep myself there, and allow Him to play any melody or harmony He finds pleasing on my “keys”.

It also has a distinct musical point.  I like jazz and had always admired the San Francisco rock bands like Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead and others who in essence played jazz with rock instruments.  Their skill at improvisation gave them the ability to communicate nonverbally with one another, trusting in each other to spontaneously create new and never-before-heard music.   It had become my conviction that if that could be done, that musicians committed to acting as “keys under God’s hands” could do it, and perhaps better.  “Under Your Hands” was written to culminate in a segment which would be performed live (in the studio, in this case) without melody, harmony or rhythm, to hopefully validate my theory.

The original concept was that the recording would be done with drums, bass, electric piano and saxophone.  The sax player, Jim Koerber, however, was delayed in getting from St. Louis to Chicago, and we were running out of studio time.  Rich Riehl suggested we try it with Carla Thompson (now Riehl) singing wordless soprano.  We did, and it was magical (in a Holy Spirit sense).   What you hear here in the “Theophany” segment is what ensued—on the first take, unedited.

Now twenty-five years later, it is amusing to note the photographs.  The outdoor cover photos, taken at Elephant Rock State Park in the Missouri Ozarks by Henry Posner, are still quite striking.  The cover shot speaks symbolically of “the straight and narrow path” as well as the “Rock of Ages cleft for me”.  The seated shot on the album back shows me seated comfortably on the rock, surrounded by living and green trees, eyes searching outwardly over a barren rocky area with only dead trees.  The personnel identification shots were done at a little park near my home or at one of the dozens of prestudio rehearsals.  The little “Bye Bye” shot on the lower right of the back was carefully staged to have the sunlight glint off the Bible in my hand!

Of course, today my hair is now long since largely gone;  the beard has gone grey.  I have sadly had limited contact with the players and other participants.  John Nanos has been an accountant in St. Louis for many years.  Claudia Porter with her husband Bruce have traveled much of the world in gospel ministry and planted churches.  I had the privilege of working on an album of her own some years after “Crosswalk”.  Carla Thompson married Rich Riehl and pursued with some success her own singing career, doing commercials and a wonderful album entitled “Alien”.  Gary Hedden now lives and works in Nashville and has recorded for Promise Keepers and Charlie and Jill LeBlanc among many others.  I have had only telephone contact with a few of the people;  others, including Greg Hough and Jim Koerber, I’m sorry to say, I have had no contact with since delivering their copies of the album.

What I do find, in listening to this music (so much a part of me even now after all these years), is how well for the most part it has stood the test of time.  There are very few elements I would change given the opportunity to do so.  Given where music has gone over the years, I would perhaps simplify some of the arrangements and make the songs a bit less wordy, mix the drums more forwardly—that sort of thing.  Within months of completing the album back then in the seventies, I had composed another half to two-thirds of what would have been volume two, none of which have been recorded or to the best of my recollection, even performed publicly.  Possibly the day will come again when I will be granted the opportunity to do so.

What has not changed over the years is the awareness I still have as I listen of God’s nearness to me as I wrote these songs and arranged, rehearsed and recorded them.  I have, I suppose, lost some of the freshness and vigor of my faith but perhaps gained a good bit of wisdom and I hope maturity.  Years of spoken-word ministry notwithstanding, it has been only in the past year that the opportunity has resurfaced to engage in playing this type of music once again.

It is my hope now as always that the hearer will not only find the music interesting and satisfying to listen to, but challenging and comforting at the same time.  May He speak to your heart as you listen.



Terry Ross Altman

December, 2002


ANTHEM     (6:39)

(Acts 17:23)


We were raised on money and cars   broken promises and Hollywood stars

Dollar signs held our dreams we were told  we couldn’t buy it so away with the old


We were lookin’ for love and justice   the anthem of our generation

We were lookin’ for truth and peace   diving into every new sensation


We wanted reasons so they gave us more rules and taught us questions without answers in schools

They preached on morals with a Scotch in their hand and tax-cheatin’ politicians runnin’ the land


We wouldn’t listen to Jesus ‘cause we’d heard it all before

They used His name to sell us things and to march us off to war

We didn’t know that the things we hated He hated more than we

And that there is no other name by which men can be free

And He died for you and He died for me………..


I know a man— he talked of love and then did just as he said

I know a man – he taught of justice and then he paid the price

Do you really believe what you say you do?

Then how can you turn from the love of the one who died to get through to you?


I know a man – he said I am the way, the truth and the life

I know a man – much more than a man, he gave me peace….

If you search for the truth with an open mind

You still must choose to follow the truth you find, oh don’t be blind

To the things you’ve done that are wrong

And Jesus Christ sang His song to forgive you


We were lookin’ for love and justice  but look what’s happened to Woodstock Nation

Selfish hedonists out to get high  and smileless activists living a lie

It makes me cry – can’t you just try?


Hurt and scared so we learned how to run gave up on happiness lookin’ for fun

Hollow laughter from the clown who cried, “Sold!”  just like our parents – hypocritical, cold

He came to bring us true love and justice  he sings the anthem of regeneration

His words are truth and His life brings peace  so won’t you answer to His invitation?


I’ve joined the army that’s at His command marching, singing, going hand held in hand

Love and truth are conquering hate  come on and join us now before it’s too late……
GLORY IN THIS     (5:27)

(Jeremiah 9:23,24)

I thought I was a wise man, and I gloried in my wisdom

With earthly wisdom and the ways of men I tried to understand

But the wisdom of men is foolishness before God

So He came down from heaven to become a man.


My only wisdom is His lovingkindness

My only might is in His judgment

My only riches in His righteousness on earth

For He delights in these things


I thought I was a mighty man and I gloried in my might

With fleshly strength and the pride of self I mocked and scorned the weak

But the promise of the Father is shed forth on all mankind

To perfect the power of God among the meek.


I thought I was a rich man and I gloried in my riches

With my possessions and my worldly friends I searched for peace and rest

But when the man named Jesus took on Himself my sin

He gave me peace in His gift of righteousness




(1 Corinthians 1:19-25)

Theology theology sounds an awful lot like psychology

Psychology psychology sounds too much like philosophy

Well I’ve read books of philosophy but they just didn’t tell me

How I could be saved by the wonderful grace of Jesus my Lord


Well I’m not saying it’s wrong to be smart or to read good books or to start to start to learn just how things are but you ought to know that in your heart there’s

Sin that you wanna get out I said sin I’m not talkin’ about the things that you do or the things that you say it’s who you are that gets in the way

And the Word of God says you’re a sinner and you’re gonna miss the

Son of God’s wedding dinner

If you wanna come along you can help me sing this song

All you gotta do to win is open up and let Him in your

Heart and your brain’ll come along if you’ll start by believing’ before long you can learn anything you might wanna know but you won’t get far before it’s time to go

So remember unless you’ve got the love of Jesus that comes only from above

All of the things that you can learn are only gonna get you ready to burn so

You better get Jesus into your life if you don’t wanna spend it singin’ the old

Seminarian cemetarian bury-him agnostic dispensationalist doctrinarian psychological sociological anthropomorphological emptiness blues      that’s right
LET GOD ARISE     (6:12)

(Psalm 68)

Let God arise;  let His enemies be scattered as smoke is driven, so drive them away

But we shall be glad and rejoice before our God and you, Lord, our Redeemer


Sing unto God, ye kingdoms of the earth  sing unto Him that rides on the heavens

Of old He sends out His voice, and that a might voice  Jesus, the Word of God


Blest be the Lord, who daily loadeth us with benefits Jesus the Lord is the God of salvation

We are the the hill that God desires to dwell in  come live in us forever


Sing unto God;  sing praises unto His name

Singing, bringing praises of joy unto my King

Bringing joy — alleluia to the Lord



SO MUCH JOY     (2:43)

(Isiaiah 61:10)

So much joy He’s given me so much joy in my heart

So much joy in my life better than a pretty pretty wife

Just can’t stop talkin’ about Jesus my Lord He’s given me

Treasures untold by givin’ me joy down in my heart


I was walkin’ alone in the world I didn’t have no one to call my friend but

Then Jesus came to me and told me that He loved me and by His love I could enter

Into the joy of life and the happiness I’d always sought by trying to have some fun

I had run from the One who could bring some meaning to my life


So much joy He’s given me so much joy in my heart

So much joy in my life better than a pretty pretty wife

Just can’t stop talkin’ about Jesus my Lord He’s given me

Treasures untold by givin’ me joy down in my heart


When I saw the smile on his face I knew he was a new man deep inside but

When I asked him why he said that Jesus gave him new life

And invited me to come along for the ride

So I thought about my need to have a friend who wouldn’t turn away every time I did something wrong – someone strong —  so I opened up my heart and let Him in to my life


So much joy He’s given me so much joy in my heart

So much joy in my life better than a pretty pretty wife

Just can’t stop talkin’ about Jesus my Lord If I do I’ll pop

Love is in store if you will just let Him in your heart
CROSSWALK     (6:05)

(Matthew 16:24)

Told you that I’d love you to the end

Guess I forgot to care

Life with you it sure seemed easy then

It always felt like you were right there

You promised me I would be free Didn’t I decide to follow you no matter what the cost?

Can it be?  Look at me;  have I lost my first love?


Tried so hard to be mature in you reading your word every day

My heart’s gone cold from when it all was new  can’t even hear the things that you say

Here am I Lord;  my heart is outpoured

And I need you to lead me to live and abide in your light


Search my heart, Oh my God, purge anything not pleasing to thee

Try my ways, Oh my Lord, cleanse my heart from compromise

Empty out my life from lies strip away my spiritual disguise

When I obey your voice you bring me your sweet joy oh my Lord – your sweet joy

Father I hear your word and I’ll do what I’ve heard

I never will be free living by what I see


Jesus I deny myself pick up my cross and I will follow wherever you lead me…

Jesus I deny myself pick up my cross and I will follow wherever you lead me…

Walkin’ the crosswalk walkin’ the crosswalk walkin’ the crosswalk talkin’ the crosstalk



(1 Timothy 1:12-17, 3:16;  1 Corinthians 4:7)


Jesus I thank you for calling me faithful

Father I thank you for your son

You’ve enabled me to live and love with your family

By the power of the Holy Spirit we’re one


Worthy of nothing but despair and destruction

You came to me and you gave me new life

Words can’t tell you just what Your love means to me

You’ve given me everything that I have

Given me everything you have

Everything I have is yours


Brothers we have this treasure in earthen vessels

That the excellency of the power may be of God and not of us


God as Jesus was manifest in the flesh

He was justified in the spirit

Seen of angels preached unto the Gentiles

Believed on in the world and received into glory

That’s the gospel story and now you’ve told me to go and tell the



World of your love and you gave me your song

And I’ll sing it and I’ll play it, and I’ll tell everyone I see

That the power from above is what made the song sound right



Father here I am my keys are under your hands – play me

Father hear my cry I’m on my knees – use me

Father in Jesus’  name touch these people listening – save them

Father here I am my keys are under your hand – play me



(“Theophany” was improvised live in the studio under the direction of the Holy Spirit just as it appears here)





Now to the King eternal immortal invisible the only wise God

Be honor and glory forever and ever  Amen  Amen