Sunburst Yellow And Orange (ULT 76006) 1976




Folk-singer and some of her fellow Sisters join for a Catholic folk sound in the neighborhood of the first pre-electric Medical Mission Sisters albums. Guitar, flute, bass, drums and organ adorn fifteen of her compositions. Striking primitive cover with splashes of yellow and orange. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th edition).



Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Rejoice All God’s People3:00
1-3I Have Called You By Name4:16
1-4Each And Every One2:49
1-5Don’t Let Your Hearts Be Troubled3:10
1-7Lord have Mercy/Christ Has Died1:50
1-8Sunburst Yellow And Orange2:10
2-1Sing Alleluia2:40
2-2Psalm 714:18
2-3Hebrew Blessing2:24
2-4Comfort My People3:43
2-5Psalm 512:51
2-6While I Live2:43
2-7A Very Special Woman2:27


Singers: Sis Suzanne ABruzo, Sis Elaine Butcher, Sis Marie Gruebel, Sis Mary Katherine Hamm, Sis Irene Humbach, Sis Mary Elizabeth MNoore, Sis maureen Murphy, Sis Judith Park, Sis Maryann Stelzer, Sis Joan Verner, Sis Patricia Wilson

A special thank you to Donald for providing the song titles and singers.

I have decided to continue this as a historical archive of the Jesus music era. I will not be providing links to any music and will be removing all the bad links to the Mediafire or megaupload sites. Ken Scott has been gracious and allowed me to continue to use his reviews of these albums.