Eventful Journey  (Unearthly SK-701)  1981


A special thank you to Donald for the song titles.



Coos Bay, Oregon outfit working r&b and jazz influences into their custom rock album.  Soulful male/female harmonies, carried along by a sunny mix of piano, electric guitar leads, saxophone and  electric keyboards.  Songs tend toward the lengthy, with several over six minutes(‘Sunshine Love’, ‘Comfort’, ‘Go Gaither’ and one over 7 minutes (‘Who’s This Man’).  Mix of brisk, slow and prog-edged songs with occasional similarities to Parable.  Plain white cover for this copy, though I’ve also seen one with the band’s name on a sticker on the front.



Side 1
1. Who’s This Man
2. Jesus Love
3. Eventful Journey
4. Sunshine Love

Side 2
1. Comfort
2. Teach Me To Die
3. Go Gather
4. Give All Glory


All songs written by Fred Woodsum except Comfort & Go Gather, which were written by Fred Gonzalez