Joy Of Our Youth  (World Library  WLSM-32-SM) 1969?



The melancholy almost dreary tone of this uncomplicated guitar-and bass folk lp stands in contrast to the lively bounce of Jack Miffleton and the Group where Skipp also sang lead vocals.  Here he performs the songs of Robert J. Schaffer, most of which are pretty short.  More a traditional or semi-classical brand of folk fronted by Skipp’s nice low expressive voice (is that a Caribbean inflection?).  Not bad even if pretty basic.     (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).



Sorry I have not found this one yet , but thanks to Donald for the tracks, also Brian for locating the rear cover photo.


Side 1
1. To Rise Again – Easter
2. O Son Of Man – Advent
3. Accept, O Lord – Offertory
4. These Two – Marriage
5. Joyous Coming Of Our Savior – Christmas
6. O My Lord – Lent
7. Born Again – Pentecost

Side 2
1. We Go Into The House – Entrance
2. Lord Have Mercy
3. Glory To God
4. Preparing Now – Offertory
5. Holy, Holy, Holy
6. Lamb Of God
7. In Love We Gather – Communion
8. Thanks Be To God

Vocal: Skipp Sanders; Guitar: Ozzie Gontang & Sandy Nassan; Bass: Louise Anderson; Percussion: Greg Schaffer; Instrumental Arrangements: Sandy Nassan