Fire Of God’s Love/Songs To Ignite The Spirit (Alba House RAH1015) 1976















Another nun with a guitar that musically looks about as cutting edge as say Mother Teresa.  One listen to the opening track ‘Fire’ with its spooky minor-key melody and echoey cosmic vibes oughta dispel that notion.  Although Sister Irene has more or less the same pretty perfect chirping soprano as the rest of the Dominique-nique-nique flock, it’s the bizarre spacey production (including heavily reverbed vocals) and quirky use of organ that really sends a good chunk of this one up into the twilight-zone realms.  That organ is tweaked for all its available gimmickry to the point where it sounds more like a moog, including some cheesy synthetic percussion rhythms.  One traditional piece, a piano ballad and a couple basic folk numbers, otherwise it’s the electro nun in full effect.   (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).








Sister Irene O'Connor - Fire (Bck)








Thank you Donald for locating a rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Fire 3:25
1-2Nature is a Song 1:50
1-3Springtime in Australia 1:30
1-4Mass-Emmanuel 4:55
1-5Messe du Saint Esprit 2:30
1-6Light 2:20
2-1Oh Brother 2:15
2-2Mary Was “There” 2:15
2-3Teenager’s Chorus 2:00
2-4O Great Mystery 2:20
2-5Christ Our King 3:003:00