Montgomery Chapel  (Century 32013)  1968





“The Search Party is a group of five young people trying to produce relevant, religious music”.  Apparently “relevant” here means “psychedelic”.  Big-time psychedelic.  As in monster.  Yepper, this mega-rare only-a-couple-hundred-made custom has shot up over four-digit figures since it’s jaw-dropping discovery in the early ’90s.  Heading up this project and composing a fair portion of this material is the Rev. Nicholas Freund, apparently one of those real “out there” types, though I must say he looks pretty benign in his priestly-collared robe.  A real trippy San Francisco sound, from powerhouse fuzz explosions like ‘You And I’ and ‘The News Is You’ to more delicately-fashioned haunting acoustic ballads.  Alternating male and female leads with lots of piercing organ that gives eerie qualities to wispy tracks like the mesmerizing ‘When He Calls’.  The album’s center-piece would have to be the nine-minute ‘So Many Things Have Got Me Down’ – grade-A blow-your-mind Doors-ish psychedelia that builds to a frenzied climax.  Lyrically very poetic and artsy, not your typical Jesus  music per se.  An affordable re-issue sneaked out in 94.  Also re-issued on CD.  For psych privates this is second only to Fraction.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).





Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Speak To Me2:50
1-2Renee Child2:45
1-3Melayna (Instrumental)1:30
1-4When He Calls4:22
1-5So Many Things Have Got Me Down9:00
2-1You and I3:08
2-2All But This4:00
2-3Poem by George Hall3:40
2-4The Decidedly Short Epic Of Mr. Alvira3:15
2-5The News Is You4:40