You Are My Friend (No label  SHS-1/2) 1973














More nuns springing forth with their guitars sprightly melodies and songbird harmonies.  Nineteen simple happy tunes backed by acoustic guitar and sometimes banjo, in the same general spirit as the first Medical Mission Sisters album.  Simple titles ‘God Is My Father and Friend’, ‘Share-A-Care’, ‘I Like To Be With Jesus’, ‘Rise And Smile And Face God’, ‘This Is My Happy Day’ and ‘I Don’t Like Green Peas’. From Los Angeles.     (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

There’s even a banjo on “Rise And Smile And Face God”.   diakoneo







Sacred Heart Sisters - You (Bck)







Thank you Donald for the rear cover photo.




Song #Song TitleTime
01You Are My Friend0:49
02God Is My Father And Friend1:52
03When You’re Waiting1:47
05Why Is Jesus My Friend1:51
06Be Close To God1:31
07Care About People1:25
09I Can, I Care, And I Will1:53
10Giving Days1:31
11God Is Good1:54
12I Like To Be With Jesus1:13
13I Can, I Care, And I Will0:46
14At Night When I Kneel And Pray1:42
15I Can Make The Change Now2:25
16I Don’t Like Green Peas1:46
17Rise And Smile And Face God1:57
18Jesus Comes Softly2:05
19 This Is My Happy Day2:01