Listen (Emblem JDR 310)  1967  UK *



Early Emblem recording of sometimes interesting UK ’60s folk from young guy/gal six piece.  Features acoustic guitar with some simple leads, along with bass, drums, organ and harmonica.  Much more interesting than their same-era American counterparts.  Better song selection , too,  the early only one I recognized being ‘He’s Everything To Me’.  The usual low-fi Emblem recording techniques are in effect.  And you gotta love their cheap cut-and-paste album covers.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Paul Brecht - Listen (Bck)



01. He’s Everything To Me

02. No Other Song

03. For All My Sin

04. Time

05. How Long Has It Been?

06. It Is No Secret

07. My Story

08. The Highway Of Truth

09. He Waits

10. I’ll Live For Jesus

11. The Seeking Song

12. On The Jericho Road

13. Down Deep In My Heart