Lois Buckley (Dovetail  DOVE 5)  1974  UK *



Little mentioned early Dovetail release from young British female singer.  Not a bad recording of acoustic guitar/piano songs, rich in classical and traditional English folk influences.  Features Lois on keyboards, with others assisting on guitars and percussion.  She also plays cello for an interesting cover of The Beatles’ ‘Eleanor Rigby’.  A bit of electric Scots-Irish flavor on the opening ‘Jesus Is’.  Impressive voice, albeit semi-traditional in a Shelia Walsh or Sandy Patti sense.     (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


Lois Buckley - Lois (Bck)


I have not found this one yet, but a special thank you to Donald who sent me the below information.


Side 1
1. Jesus Is
2. It Is Finished
3. Mary’s Song
4. Crossroads
5. My Jesus I Love Thee

Side 2
1. Love Alone
2. Everywhere I Look
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. You’ll Find A Friend In Jesus
5. The Music’s Gonna Stop
6. He’s Coming

Bass Guitar: Nick Ryan; Piano/Cello: Lois Buckley; Acoustic Guitar: Kevin Peek; Percussion: Mike Wade; Electric Guitar: David Buckley; Backing Vocals: The Buckley Family