Clean (CSS CF-032) 1974



While maintaining a solid acoustic base, Clean softened the harmonies a tad and added some new instruments to the mix, including electric piano and synthesized strings.  The end result is a much smoother sound than the debut, with a couple songs inching toward MOR.  Still a strong record overall with some decent folk-rock grooves aKa The Bridge.  The organ adds extra zing to the electric title track and a remake of ‘Alpha And Omega’, while the string synth washes a dreamy mello-tron-like presence over  ‘Walking In His Likeness’, ‘Some Think It’s Foolishness’ and the Pat Terry Group-ish ‘Wait On The Lord’.  Steel guitar and fiddle bring a country edge to ‘Bank Of Heaven’ and ‘On That Day’.  Also includes covers of  ‘He Looked Beyond My Fault’ and Jamie Owens’ ‘Let Me Introduce You To A Friend’.  The cartoon cover of a freshly river-baptiized beaming Jesus freak is rather adorable.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).




Song #Song TitleTime
1-2Bank Of Heaven1:10
1-3Wait On The Lord3:35
1-4On That Day3:10
1-5He Looked Beyond My Fault2:50
2-1Believing In His Name3:25
2-2Alpha And Omega3:57
2-3Walking In His Likeness3:35
2-4May I Introduce You To A Friend2:35
2-5Some Think It’s Foolishness3:33