HRS  (ECP ECP-2025) 1982



Summery soft rock sounds with an occasional hint of soul, custom-made by Xenia, Ohio outfit.  Wholesome listening, whether 12-string/ARP-synth moods (‘Turn Away His Love’), brisk jazzy sax-led pop (‘Jesus Is My Life’), electric ballads (‘We Don’t Even Know’), melodic rock-n-roll (‘To Be Free’) or light country-rock (‘Song In My Heart’).  All originals songs, most written by member Kenny Day.  Stunning cover of shiny silver circular logo bordered by colorful airbrush aura.  Don’t see mentioned anywhere what HRS stands for.    (The Archivist, 4th edition  by Ken Scott).

This one can be found on YouTube the full album.     diakoneo





Sorry I have not yet located this album and do not have the song lists.