Chansons Pour Mediter (Select S-398252)  1972?  Canada *



Brilliant French-Canadian folky soft-psych gem featuring fragile male vocals, ethereal  flute work, and a gentle yet dreamy blend of acoustic and electric guitar.  All this hovers over a constant background drone of organ and/or mellotron.  Sung in French  with titles like ‘Le Baladin De L’Amour’ (‘The Love Troubadour’), ‘Le Perle’ (‘The Pearl’), ‘La Dermiere’ (‘The Last Hour’), ‘Tenebres Et Lumiere’ (‘Darkness And Light’), ‘J’Entends Ta Voix’ (‘I Hear Your Voice’), ‘Nouvelle Vie’ (New Life) and ‘Notre Pere’ (‘Our Father’).  Boisvert wrote or co-wrote eleven of the twelve selections.  Long hair, mustasche, beard – he  could easily land a role in one of the Jesus films. Montreal, Quebec label.      (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

A special thank you to Brian for the song titles.



01. Le Blandin De ‘Amour  (‘The Love Troubadour’)
02. Restez Enfant
03. La Perle  (‘The Pearl’)
04. La Traversee
05. La Darniere Heure  (‘The Last Hour’)
06. Ten0bres Et Lumiere  (‘Darkness And Light’)
07. J’ Entends Ta Voix  (‘I Hear Your Voice’)
08. Priere D’Un Prisonnier
09. Le Goeland
10. D’Un Pere A Son Fils
11. Nouvelle Vie  (New Life)
12. Notre Pere  (‘Our Father’)