One Side Of Father Brown (Profile GMOR 114) 1974  UK *



Never before has an album title so accurately summed up  a record.  Side one of this ultra obscure UK release contains six songs that stand with the absolute best of the Profile label.  Side two is…blank!  Oh there’s still one big long groove cut into the vinyl, but there’s nothing on it.  Even the label is blank on that side.  Oh well, one side of Father Brown is certainly better than none at all, especially given that it’s top-of-the-line British progressive folk.  Forget the Father bit – this guy doesn’t sound like any priest I’ve ever heard. Includes excellent covers of Elton John’s ‘Love Song’ and Narnia’s ‘The Juggler’ (written by Pauline Filby).  Also a fun kazoo-tooting jug band novelty piece called ‘There’s A Time’.  The remaining songs are all strong; ‘After The Fair’, ‘Superstar’ and the especially riveting ‘Mr. McRae’ which has the feel of the big dollar UK folk privates.  Gorgeous unidentified femme vocals, both in harmony and sometimes lead (there’s a thanks to Pauline – could it be her?).  Cover is mostly blank, save for about a one-inch strip across the bottom that bears the album title and a cartoon of a short fat monk looking down at his feet.  Flip  to the back and there’s five more drawings of the monk with 1) glasses on top of his head,  2) high heels,  3) a dance cap,  4) a fallen halo and  5)hairy legs with knobby knees.  Doesn’t say where Father Brown is from or even what his first name is.    (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).

Does any one know who Father Brown is or was? Was Pauline Filby the mysterious female vocalist? Where did Father Brown go? What is he doing today? I have included the tracks for this album in the order that they appear in the review. I did not include the numbers as I do not have this album, so if anyone knows the correct order I will add those.  The song Mr McRay is also spelled McRae.   The track list is a side by side comparison  of the label track list and the rear cover track list.    diakoneo



Thank you Discogs for the rear cover photo. and both track list.



Song #Song Title LabelSong Title Cover
1-1After The FairAfter The Fair
1-2There's A Time Superstar
1-3SuperstarThe Juggler
1-4The JugglerThere's A Time
1-5Love SongMr McRay
1-6Mr McRaeLove Song