Face To Face (Face To Face FTF 1000) 1971  UK *



Another exceptionally cool UK obscurity from male/female outfit dabbling with folk, blues and rock. Good unrefined electric guitar and 12-string presence throughout, joining for updated covers of The Joystrings (‘Lord On Our Side’) and The Peacemakers/Justyn Rees (‘Is There Blood Upon Your Hands’ and ‘Not Now But Tomorrow’). Beautiful female vocals and tremolo guitar weaving a dreamy delicate stratospheric groove on ‘Across The Hills’. More moody folk/psych touches on ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Once There Was A Man’, both backed solely by acoustic guitar and trippy reverbed electric. Same setup and psychy mood for the more blues-edged ‘Love Was Born’. Blues is further explored on ‘How Long’ and a cover of ‘Just A Closer Walk’, while ‘He Is Mine’ and The Glorylanders’ ‘Are You Going My Way’ aim for straightforward jangly plugged-in folk. Harmonica and distant echoey slide guitar (?) decorate the closing version of ‘Amazing Grace’. Attractive cover design of figure kneeling before a cross on a hill. Same scarce tiny London label as Exordium’s The Trouble With Adam.  (Ken Scott – Archivist)

Does anyone know if the two Face To Face groups from the UK are the same group or different groups?     diakoneo


Song #Song TitleTime
1-1Is There Blood Upon My Hands?
1-2Across The Hills
1-3He Is Mine
1-4In The Morning
1-5Not Now But Tomorrow
1-6Once There Was A Man
2-1Are You Going My Way?
2-2Love Was Born
2-3Just A Closer Walk
2-4Lord On Our Side
2-5How Long?
2-6Amazing Grace