Face To Face (Face To Face FTF 1000) 1971  UK *



Another exceptionally cool UK obscurity from male/female outfit dabbling with folk, blues and rock. Good unrefined electric guitar and 12-string presence throughout, joining for updated covers of The Joystrings (‘Lord On Our Side’) and The Peacemakers/Justyn Rees (‘Is There Blood Upon Your Hands’ and ‘Not Now But Tomorrow’). Beautiful female vocals and tremolo guitar weaving a dreamy delicate stratospheric groove on ‘Across The Hills’. More moody folk/psych touches on ‘In The Morning’ and ‘Once There Was A Man’, both backed solely by acoustic guitar and trippy reverbed electric. Same setup and psychy mood for the more blues-edged ‘Love Was Born’. Blues is further explored on ‘How Long’ and a cover of ‘Just A Closer Walk’, while ‘He Is Mine’ and The Glorylanders’ ‘Are You Going My Way’ aim for straightforward jangly plugged-in folk. Harmonica and distant echoey slide guitar (?) decorate the closing version of ‘Amazing Grace’. Attractive cover design of figure kneeling before a cross on a hill. Same scarce tiny London label as Exordium’s The Trouble With Adam.  (Ken Scott – Archivist)

Does anyone know if the two Face To Face groups from the UK are the same group or different groups?     diakoneo


01. Is There Blood Upon My Hands

02. Across The Hills

03. He Is Mine

04. In The Morning

05. Not Now But Tomorrow

06. Once There Was A Man

07. Are You Going My Way

08. Love Was Born

09. Just A Closer Walk

10. Lord On Our Side

11. How Long

12. Amazing Grace